SOMERSET — Tomorrow night at the Musictown Festival Ball at the Venus de Milo, 14 students from Somerset Berkley Regional High School will be hoping their name is called when the annual Somerset Musictown Festival queen is announced.

The decision will be based on an application, essays that the candidates wrote and an interview that they did with a panel of judges on Sunday afternoon at the high school.

…The 14 candidates for the Musictown Festival queen are Samantha Cabral, Hannah Pariseau, Jessica Burns, Hanna Bettencourt, Allison Baker, Madison Hyde, Alexa Pacheco, Kaitlyn Sheehan, Sydney Cardinal, Morgan Deplitch, Alexandria Murphy, Kelsey Alexander, Emily Esten and Kendra Ford.

“I want to bring more publicity to the Music Department,” Murphy said when asked why she wants to be Musictown Festival queen. “We have a really good Music Department, but it doesn’t get noticed. The sports gets more funding than the Music Department.”

Murphy, a junior at the school who was one of the candidates for queen last year, said she enjoys dressing up and feeling like a princess at the ball. One of the things she said she likes about the contest for Musictown Festival queen is that it is not based on physical looks, but more has to do with personality and poise during the judging and presentation with the essay. She said what type of character a person has and how they can benefit the community is taken into consideration.

“I just wanted to be a symbol for younger girls who want to try out,” Murphy said. “You don’t have to be a certain height, weight or size. You don’t have to be a model.”

Whether she is selected or not, Murphy said that participating in the queen selection process is good for college resumes, helps someone to get to know herself, improves self confidence and is a good experience.

Murphy plays violin in the string ensemble and orchestra, but students do not have to be in the Music Department to compete for queen…”


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