A Determined and Dependable Leadership for Worcester State University

Alexandria Murphy Is A Determined & Dependable Leader for WSU

5 Point Plan Spearheaded as SGA President

1. Work with Administration to obtain solutions for campus parking restrictions for Commuters and Residents alike.

2. Encourage students (Commuters and Residents) to stay on campus during weekends with increased fun gatherings and event opportunities.

3. Renegotiate the current semester-based printing funds for students.

4. Expanded hours of Chartwells locations on campus and meal offerings at the POD.

5. Institute a citywide transportation system for WSU students to contribute to the local economy and community while accessing various amenities and attractions in Worcester; Re-establish a Higher Education Consortium of Central MA bus to the 10 other Worcester Institutions of Higher Education.

A Record of Distinct & Established Accomplishments

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