Thank You For Your Support!

Today, unfortunately after weeks of preparation and campaigning, I did not win @worcesterstate SGA President. I can whole heartedly say that I ran a professional and accessible campaign and put everything I had into being the voice for students. I respect their decision, and am so excited we reached a record voter turnout of over 800 students! I wish a great year to President-elect Monica Bhakhri for 2017-18 and look forward to continue serving on the Class Committee of 2018 with her. Anyone who knows me knows that I never give up- and this is not the last of me being involved not only at WSU but just about everywhere else! Thank you SO much to everyone who supported me (Christopher F. Murphy for getting my flyers, posters, and stickers), Elizabeth, Sara, Kaleigh, Kathryn, Mackenzie, Jennifer, Cotey (the list goes on!) #worcesterstate #sgaelections

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