II. Cassidy

Deep in the heart of Pennsylvania, there lives a twenty two year old West Chester University senior.  This self proclaimed “short and curvy” young woman, an aspiring cinematographer, is one to watch.  Cassidy is her name, and she is one exciting character.  She is the host of a video series “KissMyCassidy” where she develops her own content on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  She was even featured on HitRecord with Joseph Gordon Levitt!  Part of her charm is that she is the quote on quote “what you see is what you get” – but in her case, what you get is amazing.

Not one to (currently) keep up with the Jones’, she keeps her work and school life simple.  Deciding that being a full time college student is hard enough work for the time being, she relishes in the fact that her days are ever-changing, and that her outfits should reflect that lifestyle; hence the daily outfit of jeans and sneakers.

During her week, Cassidy spends three days in class, where she saves her dressier clothes for those days.  Two of the other days are spent in “athleisure wear” at her on-campus job, detailing, “that way when I am done with work I am already dressed for my workout class!”

Faltering in self pity is not the way she operates.  Cassidy’s key to success is not stocking up on her beauty sleep.

“I feel the most confident when I am working hard towards my goals.”

Suffering from acne for almost 10 years has had an affect on Cassidy.  Her daily routine involves wearing makeup to cover up some spots before she leaves the house, but rarely ever adding eye makeup or lipstick, adding “I like the all-natural look.”

The simplicity stems into her accessories, stating that she sleeps with all of her jewelry on, saving time in the morning and assuring she never forgets to put them on.  Her jewelry consists of her grandmother’s watch and four rings, which she just is not quite sure if it is okay to do, but will continue doing so anywa.

As stated above, what you see is what you get with Cassidy.  This is the essence of her personality.  Although she is a youtube sensation, and has attention placed on her on social media, it is strangely different when it is flipped in person.

“I almost feel less confident when I dress up.  Maybe it’s because I know more people will be looking at me that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.  Because what they are seeing is not always reality for me.

This reality that Cassidy has referred to is separate from the personality she once created for social media.  Unlike most people, Cassidy is somewhat a public figure, therefore using the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Snapchat a bit differently than those her age would.  Although she has a different purpose for using them, she is no different than her millennial counterparts in the amount of time she spends using them. 

“I am pretty sure that I am borderline addicted.  If anything, I am certainly very active.”

It is no doubt that the amount of time that she spends on the platforms would directly affect her confidence.  She ties her confidence with the engagement of her posts.  Cassidy likes that people are liking, commenting, and sharing her content.  This way, she can gain more followers and likes, which in turn will boost her confidence when it comes to projecting herself onto the social media platforms.  

As far as the actual posts themselves, the number of likes and comments they get may or may not affect her confidence.  “This can go both ways. If I feel passionately about a particular post and see its worth more than the recognition that it’s getting, that can negatively affect my confidence.” This specific feeling may be equated to the post being a so called “baby” of hers, and she put a lot of time and effort into her content, it is only natural that she would want it to do well once it was out in the world.  

“This used to bother me a ton. I thought people with more followers who got more likes on average photos with cliché captions were better than me. I’ve gotten over that. I know I produce quality content and that’s worth more to me than quantity.”

Quite the cynic, Cassidy believes that beauty is subject, a la “in the eye of the beholder.”  Once a person passes the objective limitations of beauty, then they are free to admire what they want and how they want to.  She deems this as the ability to “feel more free to be confident.”


 naïve.” She credits her newfound path of though to branching out of her comfort zone, meeting new people, and exploring the world to teach her the difference between the two. 

Although Cassidy is an extremely hard working senior in college, she stems her confidence from the unpredictability of her pending future once she graduates, as it goes for many, if not most college graduates.  That being said, she currently rates herself at a confidence level of six.  She’s just saving room for all of the incredible things she has headed her way (including meeting a guy for the first time, what a way to dance around and exude confidence)!  Her rating of six may rise or fall depending on how her future turns out.  She refers to saying, “If I’m not confident in who I am, then my goals will sub-sequentially fail.”



Have you ever felt pressured to change your appearance because of what others do on social media?

Yes! Even recently, with the onslaught of makeup Instagram accounts made my people from my hometown, I began to question my own makeup abilities. I thought I needed to learn how to apply fake lashes and buy Kylie lipsticks. I hated that I didn’t have 20 different lipsticks. I’m still struggling with my lack of makeup skills.


Have you ever been bullied/made fun of for posts/looks?

I think I was made fun of for posting videos to YouTube. I used to have a separate Instagram account for who I was on the internet. After two years of living afraid people would find me, I made switch. Now I am only me on the internet. I’m happier this way.


Are there any extra comments re: body positivity and social media you’d like to add?

Once you find your voice, you’re golden. The trouble is staying.


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