III. Hayleigh

What is your name? Hayleigh Morgan
How old are you? 20
Where are you from? Woonsocket, Rhode Island
What is your current level of education/profession? Junior in college and hair dresser
How would you describe your body type? Well, if the average size in the US is a size 16, than average! I would say I’m heavier than most people I know. But I’m proud of the body I have and i embrace it!
What does your everyday outfit consist of? Jeans, and band T-shirt’s typically. Sometimes sweaters or blouses
Do you feel that it is important to dress up everyday? I don’t dress up often unless it is for work or a special occasion. I like to feel comfortable and I don’t find a lot of dressy clothes that look good on my body
How many days of the week do you wear jeans? Leggings/sweats? Dresses? I wear jeans every day to classes. In the summer is the only time it’s really any different and I wear dresses or shorts and skirts.
When do you feel most confident? I am the most confident when my hair is dyed and styled properly, my makeup looks good, my outfit is decent and I have my nails done.

Is makeup a part of your daily routine? Yes. Everyday. I always have on at least eyebrow makeup, mascara and highlighter. But typically I have on a full face of makeup every day.
Is jewelry a part of your daily routine? No. I do not really wear jewelry. I have a necklace I got from my uncle when he passed away and one from my great grandmother as well. Usually I keep them hanging up in my room. But I do wear one of them once in a while.
Do you feel more confident when dressed up and made up? If yes, why? If not, why not? I do. When I go out with friends I always feel more confident in nicer clothes, hair done and makeup a little darker than usual. I just feel like I look better and it makes me feel better.

Are you on social media? What platforms? Yes. I have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, instagram, and Pinterest
How active do you consider yourself to be on social media (not active, somewhat active, very active, addicted) I will openly say that I am definitely addicted. I spent a lot of time on social media if I’m not in classes or doing any homework.
Does social media presence affect your confidence? No, I don’t think so. I don’t really look at the amount of likes or followers I have on things a lot. The things I post are because I want to. Not because I care what other people say about it.
Does the number of likes on a photo affect your mood or confidence? Negatively or positively? It’s definitely nice to see a big number of likes on your pictures. And I will say I feel confident when I see a high number on my Instagram picture notifications. But I don’t let that effect how I feel and delete pictures based on how many likes I get.
Does seeing other people’s posts (and number of likes/comments) affect your mood or confidence? Negatively or positively? No, not really. I don’t pay attention to who has a lot of likes and who doesn’t usually.

What is your idea of beauty? I honestly don’t have an exact definition or idea of what beauty is. I think every person is beautiful in their own way. Whether it’s physically or mentally. It’s hard to put an exact label on what beauty is because everyone views it differently.
Do you believe your idea of beauty is skewed because of social media and media in general? I think society as a whole had a skewed idea of beauty based on social media. But, I honestly do not feel that social media has impacted what and who I find beautiful.

How would you rate your confidence right now, 1-10.  1 being not confident at all, 10 being the most confident. I would say a 5. Somedays it’s higher, some days lower. And some days it even alters throughout the day
What would influence this number to rise or fall? Well currently I am working on homework in a subject I’m not great at. I have no makeup on, my hair is in a messy bun and I’m wearing yoga pants and a random t shirt. If I had my hair fixed, makeup done and better clothes on this number would be higher.
Have you ever felt pressured to change your appearance because of what others do on social media? Definitely. Seeing all the girls I went to school with in bikinis every summer, and the cute outfits they could wear really bothered me. It caused me to feel pressured to lose as much weight as I possibly could as fast as possible so I could look like them.
Have you ever been bullied/made fun of for posts/looks? Absolutely. Middle school and high school are definitely rough times for everyone. I was bullied for my size as well as the way I dressed because girls always tried so hard to look good and I wore jeans/leggings everyday with band T-shirt’s or flannels

Are there any extra comments re: body positivity and social media you’d like to add? I think that we see so many unhealthy ideas of beauty in and on media platforms that it is ruining confidence of people everywhere, especially the US. Being extremely skinny can be just as unhealthy as being extremely overweight. We need to stop glorifying being stick thin with your bones showing and start working on mental health so that people know not everyone can and should look that way.


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