IV. Gwynn

Somerset MA
Current full time fiber major at Umass Dartmouth

Large, curvy, fat, big, plus size

Since I’m at the studio most of
my days some boyfriend jeans, graphic t and denim jacket
I don’t think it’s necessary or practical to dress up everyday especially on days I’m at the studio which requires comfortable clothes that I don’t care about for dying material.

Confident in looks, when I have a full face of makeup, and have a cute but comfortable outfit on

Nope- no time

Yes- but I wear healing stones mainly in jewelry form for their properties, not so much for accessorizing

I do but to a point, confidence to me stems from how you view yourself, not on just how you look but from more deeper issues like how someone views themselves and their action. For example I get more confidence from when I finish a project that I’m proud of instead of a good selfie or a dress looking nice on me.

On insta, FB, and snap

Somewhat active, trying to be not active

Yes, people only put out what they want you to see, it’s not who they are, just the best curated parts of them, so I find myself reminding myself of that- if not I would def be more affected by it

Not too much, it’s more of a oh that’s nice more than causing a negative or positive mood or a change in my confidence

I think beauty comes within, what makes someone beautiful to be is someone accepting and loving themselves

Society and popular culture has told us that white, thin, fit people are the only acceptable way to be beautiful, social media only adds to that but it also allows for people to fight against that notion of one type of accepted beauty and can inspire others- ex Tess Holiday

SUN 4:16PM


Thank you so much girl!! I have to turn this into a blog post. I’ll let you know when it’s done. Do you have 1 or 2 pics you’d like to send me that you feel exude your confidence?

Umm possibly, I’ll send them and answer the rest later tonight once my hw is all set


Ok you’re the best

SUN 11:16PM

I would say 5

My mood honestly, the better I feel the more confident I am

I’ve definitely felt pressure to change especially when most social media outlets paint a very different view of what beauty is than what I am, thin, fit, blonde, bigger boobs, but then again social media allows people who don’t fit that perfect image to showcase themselves and their body positivity. Anytime I feel that pressure I remind myself of their plate-form of self love and inclusivity so it balances out.

For sure when I was a kid, from elementary to high school. It definitely upset me more then but as I grew and matured I realized that I don’t get upset if someone calls me fat even if it’s intended to be an insult because fat isn’t a bad word to me, it’s what I am lol.

It’s like saying oh your short, like yup ok and?

I definitely love Nicole Byers for her comedy but her views on body positivity and acceptance of your fatness lol, tess holiday too. Basically to sum up my thought on body positivity is as long as your happy with yourself than don’t give a single shit about what others have to say about your appearance, because it doesn’t matter, you can change yourself to fit others idea of beauty but you won’t feel confident or at peace until you learn to love the skin your in

I missed a few so here are the answers—-jeans I were like 6 days, leggings/sweats, 1 days of the week- I don’t wear dresses as much

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