V. Elizabeth

What is your name?
Elizabeth Oglesby
How old are you?
Where are you from?
Tehachapi, California
What is your current level of education/profession?
I have a B.S. in Political Science, and I am a Campaign Manager.
How would you describe your body type?
I would say curvy, with a tendency to lean towards the heavier curvy side.
What does your everyday outfit consist of?
Leggings/yoga pants and oversized tops/t-shirts
Do you feel that it is important to dress up everyday?
I do feel like it is important, I just don’t do it myself.
How many days of the week do you wear jeans?
Maybe one or two, leggings are just more comfortable and make me feel better.
Leggings/sweats? Dresses?
Leggings probably every day, dresses 2-3 times a week.
When do you feel most confident?
When I am all dressed up in like my business clothes and heels.
Is makeup a part of your daily routine?
No, but I would like it to be.
Is jewelry a part of your daily routine?
Do you feel more confident when dressed up and made up? If yes, why? If not, why not?
I do feel more confident. I think when I “look” better and put effort in to my looks people treat me a lot better. Women are nicer and men treat me better, probably for different reasons. Also, when I dress up I feel better about myself, like I tried and I succeeded at being an adult.
Are you on social media? What platforms?
Yes. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.
How active do you consider yourself to be on social media (not active, somewhat active, very active, addicted)
I am very active. Its a part of my day to day routine.
Does social media presence affect your confidence?
It does. I compare my life and relationships to others, rather unfairly. I am working on fixing that.
Does the number of likes on a photo affect your mood or confidence? Negatively or positively?
Honestly, it used to super bum me out if I didn’t get a lot of likes on photos. But, I have worked on this for probably 2 years now and I feel much better about it. Sometimes, it still bothers me, but doesn’t spiral out of control like before.
Does seeing other people’s posts (and number of likes/comments) affect your mood or confidence? Negatively or positively?
No, I like seeing other people living their best lives and getting the love, support, and validation that they need.
What is your idea of beauty?
I haven’t really thought about this. I see so many different things as beautiful. Also, because I try to support women and whatever they are doing. I think  beauty is confidence. I admire women and men who just rock the crap out of whatever they have going on.
Do you believe your idea of beauty is skewed because of social media and media in general?
It used to be. I thought thin, blonde, and tan was the only way to go. But the more I realized it was destroying me I tried to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I still 100% get jealous of those girls (especially if my “friends” or boyfriend are always liking their stuff), but I realize that I cant judge them and be crazy about it.
How would you rate your confidence right now, 1-10.  1 being not confident at all, 10 being the most confident.
Probably a solid 4.
What would influence this number to rise or fall?
More success in my career and I guess therapy? I have no idea.
Have you ever felt pressured to change your appearance because of what others do on social media?
Not really. Lose weight yes and get smaller boobs. The only pressure I get to change my looks is from my immediate family.
Have you ever been bullied/made fun of for posts/looks?
100%, since like middle school.
Are there any extra comments re: body positivity and social media you’d like to add?
I would say that body positivity is deeply personal and to try not to compare to other women. They are beautiful and strong and we don’t need to compete with each other but lift each other up. With that being said I totally get it is so much easier said than done.

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