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SUNDAY JULY 24, 2017
Wear you live: Fashion photoshoot highlights local clothing, history

FALL RIVER-   With her lens pointing toward Fall River and nearby towns, photographer Kelsey Garcia is using art to showcase the area and inspire pride in its residents.

“Love Where You Live Southcoast” will spotlight local clothing manufacturers being modeled by business leaders in a photography exhibit at the next AHA! event, Thursday, Aug. 25, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Government Center.

“I wanted to highlight the rich history of the textile industry,” Garcia said. “A lot of people talk smack about Fall River and New Bedford.”

In crafting her project, Garcia decided to expand beyond city borders and include the neighboring towns.

“We’re an awesome place to be,” Garcia said. “I wanted to highlight the history of the towns.”

Garcia, of Westport, was born in Fall River, where her dad Carl Garcia runs Carl’s Collision.

She brought a friend, Alexandria Murphy, of Somerset, on board for her project.

“She also has a big passion for the SouthCoast, and really likes being involved, and helping her community,” Garcia said.

The two driven young women have secured clothing and models from the area and are busily taking photographs for their exhibit.

I really love fashion photography and I don’t get to do it often,” Garcia said.

Garcia, 21, started taking pictures as a kid. She runs a photography business, K Garcia Productions, that she founded when she was 17. She works for the radio station Fun 107, and is a student at UMass Dartmouth…”



Monday July 14, 2014

S-B Regional High School names fourth quarter honor roll

SOMERSET–  “Somerset Berkley Regional High School announced the following students were named to the fourth quarter honor roll:



…Samuel McGowan, Michael Monte, Brandon Moreno, Alexandria Murphy…”



Friday June 6, 2014:

Somerset Berkley Regional High School’s Class of 2014 graduates

SOMERSET“…Alexandria Rita Murphy…”