Student Learning Outcomes

Alexandria  Murphy

Professor Frechette

Capstone SLO Questions

28 January 2018


  •        How prepared am I to be responsible/informed consumer and skilled producer of  communication processes and mass media messages in the 21st century?

I feel that through my education at WSU I have learned the proper ways in which to communicate and expand upon those messages, whether I am delivering or receiving them.  Throughout my coursework, I have taken on multiple tasks and projects that have tested my ability to work through these various abilities to produce quality results. These courses include Mass Communication, Media Criticism, Intercultural Communication, Television Production.  Through these course I have learned the technical and critical skills required for a successful career in communication.  

  •        What skills have I learned about processing, editing, presenting and evaluating Information?

Every project is different, in or out of school,  but the necessity to create quality work is never lost.  Varied areas of communication classes have allowed me to develop these skills in the areas of processing, editing, presenting and evaluating these different projects.   Throughout these areas it is imperative to be able to predict the possible issues in advance, therefore having a “plan b” or  crisis management plan.

  •        How prepared am I to effectively gauge the effects of communication and mass media?

I am extremely prepared to effectively gauge the effects of communication and mass media.   There have been countless classes and experiences thrown my way which taught me how to deal with and foresee the uses and effects of the comm. discipline and mass media.  Focusing much of my work on the use of media in political campaigns, this has definitely brought the issue to light even more so. 

  •        How can I become a responsible/ethical media producer?

Becoming a responsible media producer is an essential part of the job.  It is important to create content that is not misleading or inherently false that could confuse the consumer.

  •        How prepared am I for careers in the industries of communication and mass media.

I am prepared for a career in communication, especially public relations.  Working mostly with governmental affairs, I know that I am equipped with the writing skills and crisis management plans necessary for a productive and intuitive career.  However, when it comes to the technology or programming portion of the discipline, I waver in that regard.  Using words to compel an audience to believe a message is something that I realize I have a talent for.