Worcester Telgram & Gazette

Wednesday April 6, 2016:

“College students make case on Beacon Hill for affordable education”

BOSTON – Lawmakers and more than 100 students gathered Wednesday to rally for increased funding for public universities in Gov. Charles D. Baker Jr.’s proposed 2017 state budget…

…Alexandria Murphy, a sophomore at Worcester State, said the university has given her a multitude of opportunities in her classes and various clubs – but she would like to see increased funding for post graduate opportunities for her and her fellow classmates.

“We need different ways to open the door for students to get that experience, so that when we graduate, we have the skills we need to get great opportunities,” she said…”


Saturday February 27, 2016:

 “College students backing Sanders, if not all his ideas”

WORCESTER – Some answer a little sheepishly. Others, like they had just been waiting for someone to ask. So, who are college-aged voters supporting in this year’s presidential election?

…Even students who are backing Mr. Sanders as a candidate aren’t entirely sold on the last plan. Some others, like Worcester State sophomore Alexandria Murphy, who described herself as a fiscal conservative and learning toward Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio in the election, didn’t hide their criticism of the idea.

“Education, from my standpoint, is a privilege – if you want it, you should pay for it,” said Ms. Murphy, who would be attending Worcester State at no cost under Mr. Sanders’ proposal. “Nothing’s free in America. Somebody would be paying (for free college) – one way or another, it would come out through taxes…”